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Who could you ask to build a comfortable, self contained, designer home in 45 days for less than $60 000?

Introducing the

'Original Home'.

The 'Original' home is a stylish home model for the Zimbabwean market that provides a contemporary living space for a fraction of the current home contruction cost.

This is the first affordable home model for the Zimbabwean market with a focus on offering an alternative to the conventional expensive home construction. If construction cost prevented you from building in the past, this is the answer for you! With a full range of quality finishes to select from and an amazing amount of add on's, this contemporary home offers an exceptional living space  with minimum home maintenance. Ideal as a first home on a smaller site or as a second dwelling on a larger site to maximise the return on your land. These units also work well as cluster homes in a housing project. 

Coming soon

Coming soon

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