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The Home Ecokit

This is a low cost home in ‘KIT FORM’, which is eco-nomic. We supply to our customers their low cost home, 3 bedroom or 2 Bedroom, at an amazing price delivered, ready for them to build themselves, on their stand – removing costs from our client’s pockets but also selling low cost homes!

Step #1: You order it
 2 Bedroom, 1 bathroom low cost home, or,  3 Bedroom, 1 bathroom low cost home.

Step #2: We send it
We will deliver the home kit to your stand, anywhere in Zimbabwe.

Step #3: You build it
Build the home yourself, and keep the savings! 

 Prices exclude delivery cost, but are inclusive of:

  •   3 Sets of architectural drawings for council approval,

  •   All construction materials (excl. aggregates),

  •   Sanware, brassware, and plumbing materials,

  •   Electrical sockets, light switches, fittings, and sundries,

  •   Basically, everything required to construct your home, fit for occupation!

  •   Construction manual and program for you to manage your home construction with your builder.

* Concrete block under fibre cement roof, meeting local bye laws for council approval = GOOD FOR YOU! 

1)  The standard 2 bedroom, 45sqm unit       price on application (POA) 
2)  The larger 3 bedroom, 56sqm unit       price on application POA
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