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Hassle Free Service from Budget Builds: Draughting and Council Submissions

Whilst the cost of building a new home seems to increase with every year, more and more first time property investors in Zimbabwe are looking for affordable home options. Affordable homes can be built with the hassle free services by the right affordable construction agency. Of course there are a few steps to be taken when opting to build your new home from scratch and if it’s a hassle free service you are looking for, one that includes all draughting and council submissions too, Budget Builds is the place to go. Note: There is a difference between Affordable Homes and low cost housing, which is very clear in the construction industry. We cannot mix the two concepts.

The following is a broad outline of the normal steps to follow when undertaking the construction of a house:

  1. Engage an architect, a quantity surveyor and an engineer, to have all necessary designs drawn up and measured for costing.

  2. Submit the final plan to the council with your application for approval.

  3. Hopefully, your plan is approved without a glitch, so you can now engage a building contractor to execute the construction works.

  4. During the construction period, site meetings are required, sub-contractors are appointed and several council inspections are co-ordinated and signed off.

  5. Come the end of the contract, you, the client are hopeful that all inspections are signed off correctly and meet the standards required by law, and that you will get your all important ‘Certificate of occupation’. The alternative to that is a penalty.

Budget Builds Offers affordable home Solutions to the Zimbabwe Market

At Budget Builds we make the process of building a new home simple and hassle free for our clients. We have the design well covered, the draughting and all council work is taken care of for you, so that you do get your certificate of occupation without a penalty. Our affordable homes can be completed within just 45 days. Now, a self-contained, comfortable, designer home can be yours for under $60 000!

If you would like to know more about our hassle free service, , contact us at Budget Builds today!

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