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Requirements for occupation certificates for new buildings

Acquiring an occupation certificate for your affordable home can be a nightmare!. At Budget Builds we like remove this worry from the client, and deal with all council requirements. Once construction is complete, we will ensure the application for your occupation certificate is acquired and that you take occupation of your new building as soon as possible.

The following is required in order to obtain an occupation certificate from the city council:

  • Approved plans from the municipality.

  • Construction stage inspections by the building inspector

  • Compliance certificate for all plumbing, drainage and sewerage work. A registered plumber will be able to provide this.

  • Final inspection by the building inspector upon completion.

Other documentation may be required – your affordable home should be able to advise you on this.

Budget Builds Offers affordable home Solutions to the Zimbabwe Market

At Budget Builds we know just what is required to obtain the occupation certificate for your new affordable home and will make sure the process runs smoothly. We are familiar with the various certification application processes and will ensure your home is built according to approved plans and that your occupation certificate is acquired.

If you would like to learn more about affordable home construction without the hassles of council certificates, penalties and sign offs, contact us today.

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