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Budget Builds Services: Post construction handover process for low cost housing

It is common procedure to follow a post construction handover process once a new building has been completed. Low cost housing providers will need to follow the same procedure as large building and architectural firms. It is best to choose a building concern which offers the hand over process and the acquisition of the occupation certificate as part of their service.

What is included as part of the post construction handover process?

  • Acquisition of certificates of compliance for the electrical and plumbing work carried out on the property.

  • Completion certificates will be gathered from the Civil/Structural Engineer and Truss Company to confirm that all has been completed according to the building guidelines as stipulated by the municipality and city council.

  • Setting up an appointment with the Chief Building Inspector and further application for occupation certificate.

Each low cost housing provider will have their own post construction hand over process in place. Check with the company/provider to find out exactly what their service covers.

Budget Builds will handle the post construction handover and application for the occupation certificate

At Budget Builds, we are low cost housing providers with a difference. We understand you want to make use of your new building as soon as possible and as a result, we like to make the process of acquiring the occupation certificate for your affordable home, simple and hassle free. We will make sure all required certificates and documentation are prepared professionally to ensure a smooth process for you.

If you would like to learn more about the various certificates your home needs before occupation and what needs to be done in order for the handover from the building company to go smoothly, contact us at Budget Builds today

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