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Affordable Home Costings

Rising property and building costs make it almost impossible for low income earners to ever own their own home, but with affordable homes from home builders such as Budget Builds, you can realise your dream of having your very own comfortable and aesthetically pleasing home. There are many advantages to opting for an affordable home. First and foremost, the home can be completed in a much shorter space of time than other building options. Another important point is the cost factor. Affordable home builders offer you the convenience of choosing affordable home costings that are in line with your earnings and available budget.

There are a few things homeowners must take into account when building a new home. The following factors will affect the final costing of your affordable home:

  • The size of the home/unit.

  • The cost of the land where your home will be built.

  • Digging and laying of foundations.

  • Connection of electrical system.

  • Installation of a sewer waste system.

These are all DIY tasks you would have to think about carrying out.

If you want to carry out some of these projects on your own, then you can opt for a basic affordable home, where you will be provided with super structure that is complete with walls finishes, sanware and brassware. This will offer the most affordable home costing to you.

If you are looking for a full turnkey solution, the Lifestyle option is for you. This option will cost more, but will eliminate the need for you to do any DIY.

Chat to our consultants about our affordable 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom Original Home units to learn more about the actual costs involved per unit. Find an option which suits your budget and fits in with your preferences.

Get an Affordable Home that Suits Your Budget

If you are looking for affordable home costings, you have come to the right place. At Budget Builds we offer our clients the opportunity to enjoy a quality home that is comfortable and easy to maintain. We install these units in Harare’s low density suburbs, in complexes and as granny flats, with great success.

To learn more about our affordable homes and what it costs to have one installed, contact us at Budget Builds today.

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