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Get Affordable Home Costings – Get Your Affordable Home in Zimbabwe at a Price You Can Afford

Let’s face it, the dream of building your own affordable home can often be dashed by reality. In many instances, affordable homes feel like a myth, but they don’t have to be. You can get access to cost-effective home building options at a price you can afford. Let’s consider what affects affordable home costings. The biggest expenses to consider are undoubtedly the materials used for building and the plot of land where you will build the home. Thereafter comes a myriad of other tasks which must be carried out such as the laying of foundations, installation of plumbing systems, electrical systems – the list goes on.

When looking for the most affordable home costings on the market, options available at Budget Builds should be on the top of your list. We offer affordable home options for the DIY enthusiast and for the person who wants to pay for a home that is ready to live in on completion. Let’s take a closer look at these options:

  • The basic affordable home plan – this is for the DIY enthusiast. Just the super structure, wall finishes, sanware and brassware are provided. You will need to see to the laying of foundations, electrical connections and installation of sewer waste systems. Prices start at $39 000 for a 2 bedroom unit and $47 000 for a 3 bedroom unit.

  • The lifestyle affordable home plan – this is for someone who is looking for an all-inclusive turnkey solution. We will handle everything for you. Prices start at $59 600 for a 2 bedroom unit and $71 200 for a 3 bedroom unit.

It is important to check with our team precisely what is included in each affordable housing option. Some of our completed projects look great with their built-in Defy oven and hob, modern floor finishes and light fittings and fixtures, as well as hard or soft landscaping options. What’s even more impressive and convenient is that these homes can be built in as little as just 45 days.

Most Affordable Home Costings at Budget Builds in Harare

At Budget Builds we are regularly involved in building projects in complexes and for granny flats in Harare. Our affordable homes are designed to offer all the comforts of a modern home, complete in a neat compact structure. We even have a range of space saver furniture that will perfectly complement your new home.

If you would like to learn more about our affordable homes and how to cut back on your affordable home costings, contact us via email or telephone at Budget Builds today.

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