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Affordable house plans for your new home

If you are looking to draw up some house plans for your new home in Zimbabwe, it is important to be aware of the various costs involved. Before your home can be built you will need to decide how big it will be, how it will be set up and what materials will be used in the process – all of these decisions will affect the final cost of your newly built home.

In most instances, your construction company can assist you with arrangements for your building plans and will ensure that the relevant service providers furnish you with the required quotations. If you are looking to save on costs, consider opting for affordable house plans that are already drawn up. At budget builds we are able to facilitate the design process according to your requirements, wishes and ideals to achieve your ideal affordable house plan.

Our affordable housing projects and plans include the following current Budget Builds tailored options:

  • 2-bedroom unit.

  • 3-bedroom unit.

  • Further BB tailored house plan designs are in the pipeline.

Additional benefits of opting for our tailored affordable house plans:

  • Construction work can begin sooner than if you had to wait for new plans to be drawn up and approved.

  • Our tailored designs are tweaked and improved after each project experience.

  • Construction teams are familiar with the design which cuts down on construction time. Our tailored units are completed in less than 45 days.

  • The units are designed and so that construction from durable and low maintenance materials is that much more simple and efficient, and therefore, more affordable!

Budget Builds in Zimbabwe helps homeowners cut back on construction costs

At Budget Builds in Zimbabwe we are focused on providing affordable home construction solutions to the market. We are one of a few house construction companies in Zimbabwe that offer low cost house building services with a continued focus on quality and workmanship to achieve an aesthetically pleasing ‘home’. . If you would like to learn more about house plans and how we can help you to cut back on the cost thereof, contact us at Budget Builds today.

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