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Increase the value of your land in Zimbabwe with affordable and low cost housing

Low cost housing options can add real value to your property in Zimbabwe. There are a variety of ways in which to increase the value of your Zimbabwe property. While many people opt to give their existing home a lick of fresh paint or add on to the existing building to add value to their properties, these are not the only options available to you. One of the most affordable ways to add value to your property is to build a second home or low cost housing on your land.

If you’re afraid of the cost implications involved in the construction of housing, don’t be. With our affordable housing development options in Zimbabwe, you can have a completely self-contained block and mortar building that is perfectly suited to the local environment. Low budget house construction of this nature is designed to provide property owners with the ideal solution for housing. These low cost housing projects can be completed for less than $ 15 000.

These units can be mass produced or built specifically for purpose. They are ideal for staff quarters, bachelor pads or to earn extra rental income on your property. While you can earn extra rental on your new affordable home, you can also expect for the total value of your property to increase exponentially, which is great news if you plan to sell the property any time in the future.

Low cost housing solutions from Budget Builds in Zimbabwe

Those looking for a low cost housing solution will certainly benefit from our variety of ready-made housing plans to choose from. Low cost housing options supplied by Budget Builds come complete with all fittings and features required for a compact yet comfortable home.

Want to learn more about our self contained low cost housing options? Take the time to browse through our previous projects or contact us at Budget Builds today.

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