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Affordable, quality homes for families, retirees and more

At Budget Builds we often encounter property owners looking for ways to build brand new affordable homes on their Zimbabwe property, for a variety of reasons. With the housing crisis in Zimbabwe and with construction in the area being so expensive, there has been a real demand for a low cost housing construction company to offer more affordable alternatives to the market. Low cost home construction is a viable option for property owners looking to achieve the following:

  • Build a retirement home.

  • Build a second home in order earn additional income.

  • Build affordable housing for Zimbabwe residents returning to the country.

  • Build affordable started homes for young, new families.

At Budget Builds we offer our clients the option of choosing from a variety of ready-made housing plans. We have 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, bachelor pads and retirement units to choose from. Each of these units is fully self contained and incorporates everything required for a comfortable, modern lifestyle.

How long does it take to build our affordable housing developments? There’s no waiting around for months as is the case with most housing construction projects. The fact that the house plans are already drawn up cuts a lot of time out of the process. Our affordable homes are erected in as little as just 45 days and you can expect to pay as little as just $ 60 000 including all features and fittings. Of course you can fully customise the unit with a variety of optional extras and add-ons. Simply view our current and previous projects to see just how your affordable home can look in the end.

Budget Builds affordable housing developments in Zimbabwe

At Budget Builds we have a reputation for helping property owners to capitalise on their extra space with our affordable housing solutions. If you are looking for affordable and quality homes to add value to your existing property to serve as a retirement home, starter home or to provide extra income, contact us at Budget Builds today.

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