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Home building credit economics

We are working on home credit financing, and currently have limited options. We were expecting to offer something to you by October, but the pricing confusion in the industry has played some tricks on our financing models – at this point I will apologize for not being able to offer you something, BUT we are constantly working on it and truly hope we enter a stable economic environment soon!

Get a stand without title deeds then get your home building credit terms

Either way, Budget Builds continues to work on a solution to offer you credit terms for home construction. We are in the business to make low cost homes affordable, and so we continue to attempt to solve the problems of affordability. Currently, the number 1 problem

is credit financing. Problem number 2 is our price confusions. HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE: Before you can take advantage of credit financing, you must have your title deeds in order. You will not be able to get a mortgage or home building finance without title deeds for the land you hold.

We have launched our recent concept of a low cost home in kit form, called the Home EcoKit. To explain simply: This is the delivery of ALL the building materials together with a construction manual, to build your low cost house – you order it, we send it, you build it! If you want a loan for the Home EcoKit, then firstly, get your title deeds in order.

To learn more about our featured products and offers, contact us at Budget Builds today.

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